There’s Still Hope

So….I get this email from a woman who I don’t even know on Oct. 30th saying she sent in paper work to proceed with donating her kidney to me…i’m still in “Awe”……I emailed her back to thank her and how much I appreciated this of her going forward with her decision. She emailed my girlfriend to see if it was ok…and of course my girlfriend said YES…I’m so very appreciative of the things my love Brenda has done throughout this journey…I LOVE YOU BRENDA!!!

I will keep you all up to date with this ordeal…thanks!!!

Still Waiting…

“I have successfully reversed my diabetes but kidneys do not heal.
please help me find a donor”

**The Clock Is Ticking**

Transplant News

Dear Friends & Family:
****This is very difficult information to announce.****
My donor changed her mind. After 9 long months of hope, anticipation, and waiting, my kidney donor had her final testing last week and was cleared medically to proceed with the transplant. In the same breath she told us she changed her mind.
She no longer wants to donate her kidney.
Brenda and I are devastated.
I know you have questions, but we don’t want to discuss the donor, it is pointless and uncomfortable to do so. We are moving on from here.

I am on the active recipient list, and am hoping for another gift of life to come my way soon.
Thank you to all of you who have supported me to this point. I still need your support.
I am blood type” A positive,” just in case a potential donor is reading this.
In the meantime, I will KCKO to keep my body in the best condition possible to receive a kidney transplant. I have reversed diabetes, hypertension, and lost 65 pounds so far in this one year journey of the Ketogenic diet and fasting. Brenda Zorn, the 2 Keto Dudes Carl Franklin and Richard Morris, and IDM’s Megan Ramos have been instrumental in my recovery. They continue to stand beside me through this latest setback. I appreciate them immensely.
*****Please Share*****

To find out if you are a match, contact Hennepin County Medical Center Living Donor Program Coordinator
Jennifer Bodner 612-873-7708 or you can email

Transplant news

Hello friends,
Well I have some good news!!…first, i’m back from ketofest2018, was a great time!!, met a lot of people, made a lot of new friends howahh. I’m glad I’m getting a kidney transplant soon as the dialysis facility in the town we were in wasn’t the best!!!, ok enough of that lol.

The other good news is…just today, I got a message from my kidney donor…saying she has completed her second cross match testing, and low and behold…SHE IS COMPATIBLE!!!.

My donor has a day of testing still but looks like the transplant is very very near, her testing consists of: 1. a stress test
2. an EKG test
3. an ultrasound of the heart & stomach area
These tests can be completed in one day, as mine were, usually in 3 or 4 hours, so…looks like I’ll be receiving her kidney sometime in August!!

I will be posting again next week…until then, KEEP CALM AND KETO ON!!

KetoFest 2018

Hey friends,
Just two more days and we’re off to New London, CT. for ketofest 2018!!
not only will this be my first time there, but this will be my very first time in a plane(yikes lol).

Last friday at my dialysis treatment, I weighed myself before exiting…had found out that I officially lost 59 lbs!!, seeing that really put a huge smile on my face, said to myself…”wow, this diet along with fasting really does work!!”

I also noticed something fantastic, my blood pressure was at or near normal, started out at 127 over 79…at the end of my 4 hour treatment, was at 124 over 72…this is at 10 months without blood pressure medication!! and I was taking up to five blood pressure meds before turning to the ketogenic diet.

The week before, I had decided to go out and buy new trousers for my self because the ones I had on were way to baggie…so I bought a size smaller…low and behold, these were even a bit to baggie, so now i’m officially down to a size 38 pants!!…won’t be long before i’m down to a size 36″ as the 38″ pants are a bit to big…howahh!!.

So…you could say I really feel good about myself as of late, it all began when I increased my fat intake, lowered my protein count! I felt so good about myself, me and my beautiful girlfriend Brenda actually went out to watch the fire works last night in town…and we rode our motorcycles…was a great time, I really love her!!.

Now comes the waiting period…

Hey guys…
Ok, now that all my testing is complete…the waiting now begins!
My living donor has to have her second cross match testing done before we move on to the transplant. Her 1st cross match came back in the gray area, which means it’s not certain whether or not I’ll reject her kidney. In better news, I’ve found a Dialysis center in Connecticut so I’m able to now attend ketofest.

This was very nerve wracking, because at first I wasn’t able to find a dialysis center that had room for me.  I’m still kind of nervous as I’ve never been on an airplane ride in my 55 years on this planet lol…I feel a little better knowing not only my beautiful girlfriend Brenda will be with me, but her awesome brother Burl will be next to us on the plane!!.

After landing, we’ll have to rent an automobile for a week…just what we need, another loss of funds lol…hope there’s deals out there HA.

Transplant News!!

First of all, i’d like to apologize for the lapse in my posts…

A few weeks ago, I finished my last testing for my kidney transplant!!…
then a couple of days pass. then I get a phone call from the transplant team saying I’ve been approved for my transplant by the transplant committee!!

Now…just waiting on my living donor to finish her testing…this transplant should be happening between July – September this year!!..I’m a patient guy but will be glad when the call comes in for me to head down to HCMC.

Not nervous as of yet…but come the time i’m headed to the hospital, you better believe i’ll be a little trepidatious!!.

As of today, i’m officially down 51lbs, i’m at 239lbs…when I started my ketogenic journey, I was at 290lbs…full blown Neuropothy in both feet, had cateracts in both eyes, had Hemorrhages in both  eyes…off my Insulin injections, off my blood pressure meds all together…all because of not only the Ketogenic diet, but I followed the Love of my life, Brenda, and seeing what this diet has done to her and her health!!.

I would like to help many of my native people with reversing their type 2 diabetes, with diet…all in good time lol.

First Post

This is my first post, i’m 55 yrs old and I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1991 at the age of 27. My doctor started noticing a change in my kidney function about 7 yrs later. My blood glucose was in the low 500’s, so off I went to the hospital to start insulin injections 3 to 4 times a day to bring down my glucose to a more normal level.
It took 15 yrs from the time my doctor first noticed a change in my kidney function until my first day at dialysis. Now i’ve been on dialysis for four yrs, 3 days a week for four hours, I have found the ketogenic diet through my now girlfriend back in Sept. 2017, so far I lost 44lbs, my worst hbA1c was 11.9, now its 5.9, recently off bp meds(was taking up to 5 different bp meds).
Neuropothy is healing, both feet were completly numb and now I have feeling in both feet. Two yrs ago, my optomotrist noticed a cateract developing in my right eye along with hemorrhages in both eyes from years of having diabetes, now a month ago, now a month ago, everything with my eyes have cleared up.
I’ve had many years of poor sleep along with restless leg syndrome, I now am sleeping normally after six months of ketogenic diet.
Since being on dialysis, my energy level was impaired, but now being on the ketogenic diet, I am now able to work part time, before keto, I was very fatigued on my dialysis days. I now have told my story on the #92, a listener heard my story and then contacted Brenda about donating her kidney to me and am now in the process of getting tested for a kidney transplant.
The transplant team has told me my health improvements are fantastic. Keto has made my body and life better prepared for receiving a new kidney. I plan on chronicling my transplant journey here on my blog.